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You, along with millions of people across the world, browse on the Internet on daily basis. Whether you’re looking to get a new recipe, using one of the social media networks or reading Wikipedia, you want to hear this, trust us. Do you find yourself irritate when you browse a page, and then banner pops? Why would you need a straight-shaving razor when you’ve got a great set of hair? Those advertisements you simply don’t need, and are borderline annoying! Would you like to keep reading an article without getting bombarded every few seconds?
Insanely good news hit us this December. The year 2017 is almost over, but it doesn’t mean it won’t bring any improvements. Namely, one of the guys behind Mozilla, which is a well-known browser you probably use or have used, had an announcement to make. He said it was time Ads stopped following you wherever you go, even after exiting the website. You must’ve heard of trackers, and they collect data about you without your permission. Some websites even install additional software you haven’t signed for in order to collect more data. Before we go any further, we’re aware how significant Ads are for paying the creators of the websites, and others behind a website itself.

Creators of Brave Browser, and their history
First of all, what kind of people would we be if we didn’t explain what exactly does it all mean, and how you can reap the benefits? Not very good, let us tell you, so let’s go. First, it is important to realize, this wasn’t a startup by inexperienced people trying to change the world of browsing. The guy behind it all, and a CEO of Brave Browser is Brendan Eich. You might have heard of him before because he’s a web pioneer and one of the main people behind Mozilla Firefox browser.
That should tell you enough about his previous experience in this sphere especially. Who knows better about browsing habits and needs of the users than a guy that made all the decisions for one of the most used browsers today. He came out in full honesty and is determined to make this world a better place. DuckDuckGo’s own Gabriel Weinberg¬†specifically said: “A lot of people think their searches aren’t tracked in private browsing mode. Unfortunately, that’s not true”. You probably are scared because you searched for things you wouldn’t wish anyone to see. You thought you were completely safe and convinced that after the incognito/private window closes, it all disappears. The reality isn’t so bright and straightforward.

Privacy concerns, and controversy behind private windows
As we have just learned, we’ve been lied to. Although both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome promise not to keep cookies and gather data, turns out they still do. The whole thing about Private Window/ Incognito mode is keeping our privacy and our input while browsing safe. While it is true the data disappears locally, in forms of cookies and/or saved passwords and searches, they still have a copy. We obviously think that is not fair, and would like to stay ”incognito” as they advertised.
Well, we’ve got a solution now – in form of Brave Browser startup. Important to realize, when searching both in New window and Incognito window, you use Google Search. That way they can gather your habits, data about your searches and have a full history of your activity. While you had the option to use DuckDuckGo website in the past, it wasn’t exactly popular. And you are already used to Google Search, but who isn’t? Plus, it is a default option whenever you search, and if ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Brave Browser / DuckDuckGo
Okay, now that you understand why you’re in jeopardy, let’s speak about the solution. We talked about Google being a default search engine even in incognito mode. What if you can change that default option? An option that promises to never keep your data and your habits? It will both delete your data after the window is closed, but also swears it will never leak or sell it to advertisers. They’re not looking to make money by exploiting you, only make a browsing experience a better one.
Not only will the information never leak, those banners and pop-ups we talked about will be invisible. That’s right – they’ve had enough of Ads because they’re turning into an anchor that can bring the boat down. Doesn’t matter if you have a top-end gaming PC, in time it will slow down. Sometimes you can’t even skip them, you are forced to click on exit, which is not a common practice, but some websites get away with it. Now, you must remember, not all Ads are malicious, most of the common services use them in moderate amount, and on the side.

What lies ahead for Brave Browser, and should you use it?
A lot of challenges lie ahead for both the browser in question and for the guy behind it. Brendan Eich invented the JavaScript language that’s a base for a ton of things on the web but left the Mozilla team back in 2014. This can be a redemption attempt, and hopefully success for him. While privacy has always been an issue while using the Internet, it has never been as essential as now. That’s because advertisers are using loopholes and every advantage they have.
They’re seeking to track you so they can place better Ads for you, exactly those you might be interested in. But in that process, they learn way more about you that they should, and some things should stay a secret. So, is that enough for you to decide to go for Brave Browser for online search privacy – DuckDuckGo? It is completely up to you, but it’s important to realize, many of the free services can stay free because they earn from Ads. Will they have to start asking for payments if this one takes off? We hope not, but there certainly is a need for a something like this.
Brave Browser is a small drop of water in a big ocean of giant companies nowadays. They might crush it at this stage of creation literally any time. But Brave Browser is also looking to draw attention, and make them change their practice. It looks like it might be working because Mozilla introduced their Focus browser that promises to forbid behavior tracking (although for mobiles only, for now). Apple’s Safari browser is looking to ban trackers as well, which is a clear sign they’ve heard users complaints.
In conclusion, there are a lot of improvements down the road. DuckDuckGo handles only a small portion of searches that Google does. Brave Browser announced that it will work with Tor to bring a Tor identity-shielding service for the users of the private tab. That will really bring our privacy and security to another level. For all those bumps in the road ahead, Brave Browser for online search privacy РDuckDuckGo needs to be just that Рreally brave.

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